What is 3D Inspection?

Conventional inspection methods such as x-ray testing techniques provide inspection and measurement, which is analyzed in two dimensional form. This limits users in accessing data and analyzing part structures with confidence, as resulting data is restricted to a flat 2D x-ray image. With the introduction and implementation of 3D inspection and measurement testing methods and processes, users are able to access internal and external part data in 3D, providing limitless opportunity for improving quality control. With the use of nondestructive testing labs, industry leaders are able to access 3D inspection test results quickly and accurately.

3D Inspection overview

3D inspection is any testing or inspection technique for industrial parts, in which the resulting data is displayed, reviewed and analyzed in 3D form. A 3D virtual image is developed using different inspection techniques for external and/or internal part data. 3D inspection of industrial parts, such as aerospace castings, medical device components, automotive piston heads or machined and engineered parts is significantly useful during pre-production stage of the manufacturing life cycle.

3D inspection allows users to test and investigate part components using different software for failure analysis, dimensional analysis and wall thickness distribution to name a few.