Introduction Product Design

Product design and development process is a cycle of continues improvement over time with iterative feedback and recurring inputs from development team members, executives, sales and marketing departments and production teams.

Modern product design is a planned, step-by-step, targeted, and directional creative activity. The design process refers to the development process of the design and the order in which the design tasks are completed. According to the arrangement of the process, it can be divided into linear programs, parallel programs, and complex programs. It is an organic combination of finding, analyzing, and solving problems.

Product Concept Generation

The process of product design and development together mainly includes the following phases:

  • Analyzing market and customers’ needs
  • Product concept generation
  • Product design specifications
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Development of concept and prototype
  • Detailed design
  • Design evaluation and review
  • Product launch
To start with Product design and development it is necessary to generate product idea or concept to evaluate whether it is going to be commercially saleable or not. This step involves analyzing customers’ needs first, followed by conducting extensive market research, scouting new technologies, and mapping potential emerging markets to assess customer needs. A concept is an early representation of a product, incorporating only minimum details; just enough to show the main characteristics of the product. 

Concept describes and defines the principles and engineering features of a system or component which are feasible and which have potential to fulfil all essential design requirements. Concept development also involves the embodiment of various attributes into some kind of technological approach. 
When more than one concept are developed, the concepts which fulfils maximum requirements in a best manner, is to be selected. Importance of concept generation and selection resides mainly in two facts, concept is faster and cheaper to develop and to change than final developed product and second, for a large project returning to the concept stage after detail design stage has been completed is not desired at all.